Affluenza documentary

In the film affluenza, several sociological theories have been applied in different perceptions to make the move effective. The sociological theories make sense in the film to make it complete and fully understood. Therefore, in the development of the film, functionalist theory has been used to show and elaborate the operational of different aspects and this has attributed the functioning of the entire film in making it even more effective. In that regard these sociological approaches has been demonstrated to be essential in formulation of ideas that develop the film. Grademiners specialists try to explain Affluenza documentary term.

It also studies the events, patterns and interactions as they explain the occurrence of events and the resultant of those events. In addition, the theories explain fully the way in which diverse aspects of the social interactions and also develop testable prepositions that are noticeable in the film. For instance, early in the development that explains the spreading and defining the word that depict this disease to an infected public, the sociological approach such has the functionalist attribute to the mission of the hour long that is based in the documentary, Affluenza.

However, this illness in diverse ways can be highlighted as it is labelled greed or stress and thus Affluenza gives a notion that demonstrates the syndrome to be noticed as more difficult. Therefore, functionalist theory is used as the social aspect that is related to diverse of the environmental and social problems that venture its assumption on its existence today. The approach attempts to help the viewers to comprehend the complexity of the interrelationship in both the weaknesses and at the same time the strengths of the film (De, et. el.., 2005).

When focusing on the several highly claimed PBS films, Affluenza applies the whimsical functionalist approach in demonstrating the aspect of a disease and attempt to tackle very essential aspect in how the society copes with disease. In that regard, it focuses on the issue of the individuals’ health, the damage that is portrayed by the disease and its effects to individuals and community at large in relevant to the environment (Wykes & Gunter, 2005). This is based on the fact that it takes keen observation quest that notify the material gain that is presumed during the cause of the disease. Therefore, the authors have used the functionalism approach in the film, to explain fully on the function of the society in relation to disease and what should be enacted in place to enhance its operations.

The authors have also used this approach in reviewing some of the problems such has rising debt and loneliness that emerge from the same aspect and also demonstrate the aspect of longer working hours and the resultant of pollution to the environment that encompasses rampant commercialism which are basically attributed by Affluenza. Thus, this approach analyse its effects to the community as it explains the social phenomena that causes a disease or encompasses the development of such disease. It gathers large groups of data that portray such aspects and viewers can easily comprehend such obligations based on the analysis that is articulated based on different affiliations (Wykes & Gunter, 2005).
For instance, such data can be used to evaluate the aspect of consumption and evaluation. This assumption is relevant in formulating of ideas that are effective in helping the families in identifying some of the common syndromes and also in protecting themselves from such of these diseases which are imperative to them.

Most families have different values and beliefs in relation to diseases. Thus, some of these assumptions help them to identify some of significant ideologies based on howAffluenza dissects America’s rampant materialism and also not forgetting on the epidemic of overconsumption (Hamilton &Denniss, 2008).With the basis of defining some of the essential roles of beliefs and values in society are significant in understanding the aspect of affluenza and the effects of pollution and consumption. In fact, after exploring the entire effects of affluenza, the film gives a precise diagnosis that elaborates some of the symptoms and recommends possible treatments or prevention measures which should be taken into consideration for the afflicted viewer.

Ultimately, Scott Simon who acts as the host in the National Public Radio Personality gives their prevalence in overlooking on some of these effective sociological approaches which demonstrates some incorporated effects of Affluenza. Therefore, when focusing on the aspect of conspicuous-consumption, the social research analyse the need of the public policy in representation of families in overlooking on some of these aspects and also the conservation response that is enacted on materialism in daily life.

Based on the reality, over consumption affect individuals and families in diverse ways and this is attributed to the fact that it enhances disease. The effect of disease affects the functioning of the individuals in the day to day operations despite the fact that they try to cope with the situation and taking of effective measures in prevention of disease. For instance, when following some medical reports, Affluenza starts by showing the continuous detailing symptoms of the disease such as shopping fever, chronic congestion, ache and swollen expectations that comes as a result of it (Hamilton &Denniss, 2008). Thus, with some of those notifications, diverse serious and unexpected consequences pertain the functioning of the. In conclusion, it’s the responsibility of the individuals to take care of themselves and also check on the effective measures to go about such situations in regard to pollution and consumption.