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Verbal Exam Questions Essay

1. What is meant by the term “fear of failure” ? That is. what does it intend to you personally and professionally. Fear of failure means being afraid of traveling after what you want because you might non be able to acquire it. Peoples who experience this believes that it is all right to non accomplish their dreams every bit long as they do non see themselves neglect. Many people prefer to play it safe and do non wish to acquire out of their safety zones because they do non desire to be disappointed or they do non like alterations to go on in their lives. 2. Describe a past experience with fright of failure. Please explain.

In the yesteryear. I had several opportunities of running for a place in the school organic structure but I was excessively afraid that I would non be elected or make a good occupation. This made me make up one’s mind that it would be better for me non to run for a place and merely bask my clip as a regular pupil but still active with other school activities. The down side of this is that I did non acquire to see and make what I wanted to make. 3. In general do frights impact employee public presentation on the occupation and employer relationships with fellow employees? Besides. associate this to yourself as the director in the scenario and Marcus.

How do frights impact you and Marcus? Being afraid does impact employee public presentation. every bit good as the relationships of employers and employees because some people might non understand this fright that certain employees or employers experience. As a director to Marcus. I think that I would non wish how he behaves when it comes to alterations. Changes are of import. particularly when this would convey more money to the company and all employers do desire their companies to win. This sort of behaviour would make struggles between Marcus and I. 4. This is a cardinal inquiry. Is neglecting OK? What about errors? What is gained?

What is lost? Contrary to what many people believe. weakness is really all right because this is when people learn from the experience. Without failures. people would non be able to recognize what they are capable of. It is of import that people remember that they are allowed to do errors because they are non perfect. Cipher is perfect and doing errors is merely normal. They lose merely when they give up and non seek. Failure can do people low and would do them desire to accomplish more and make better in the hereafter. 5. Can you utilize your ain frights to your advantage? How can you be used by your frights?

Associate the lessons you have learned to you in the scenario and how you would near Marcus. Associate this to yourself as the director. Fears can be used to one’s advantage when a individual believes that frights will bring forth positive results no affair what. Get the better ofing frights will give people the experience even if they fail. However. when people let their frights use them and acquire the better from them. they will be limited and would hold no worthwhile experience from life. 6. How can you promote your employees to cut down their fright about doing errors. and neglecting? How would you state an employee so that he understands and believes you?

Be specific and realistic in your reply. It is ever good to hold an unfastened communicating with everyone. particularly employees. It would particularly be good if directors and employers would promote their people to suppress their frights and guarantee them that doing errors are normal. I would associate a past experience about my fright of failure and how I overcame it to animate them to make the same. 7. What is the narrative about? Please sum up it. Why did you take the subject? What makes you experience interested in the pick of the subject? The narrative is about a director and his employee named Marcus and demonstrates how Marcus is afraid of alteration.

Although Marcus was a really good employee and execute his occupation in a really satisfactory manner. the director realizes that he does non make good when it comes to using alterations. He would frequently do alibis merely to acquire out of the state of affairs. and the director feels that he should make something about it. I chose this peculiar subject because I believe in the importance of get the better ofing one’s frights. particularly in the workplace. Being afraid is a normal human experience but people should non allow this feeling limit them on the things that the should be sing because they might be losing out on something great like a

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Body Mass of Earthworms Essay

Earthworms play an of import function in the turnover of organic affair in dirt and keeping a good dirt construction ( Lavelle. 1988 ) . Physical belongingss in dirts improved by angleworms include improved collection. stableness. and porousness. The dirt biological and chemical belongingss of dirts that may be modified include alimentary cycling ( chiefly nitrogen and P ) . organic affair decomposition rates. and chemical signifiers of foods in dirt and their handiness to workss. They besides change the dirt pH. organic affair kineticss in footings of quality and measure. microbic and spineless activity. and diverseness of the microflora and zoologies ( Lavelle et al. . 1998 ) . Therefore. they are indispensable for works growing particularly in an extended agricultural system. such as organic agriculture. which is based on alimentary release from turnover of organic affair.

Earthworms can besides be used as a beginning of protein for animate being provender which had been reported to increase the growing of fish. poulet and piggies ( Guerro. 1983 ; Jin-you et Al. . 1982 ; Edwards and Niederer. 1988 ) . The average sums of indispensable amino acids recorded in angleworms are found to be really equal for a good animate being provender. Furthermore. earthworm tissues incorporate a preponderance of long-chain fatty acids. many of which can non be synthesized by non-ruminant animate beings and an equal mineral content ( Edwards and Niederer. 1988 ) . Recently. the enzymes derived by the angleworms. lumbrokinase or earthworm fibrinolytic enzymes ( EFE ) which has decoagulant ( blood dilutant ) belongings is extensively being used in pharmaceutical and decorative industries. Following these valuable application of angleworms. the direction of earthworm communities provides a promising field for invention in agricultural practises.

There are many factors impacting the growing and organic structure mass of angleworms that need to be considered during cultivation of angleworms. The dirt wet evidently has an consequence on the growing and activity of angleworms. Earthworms lose wet through their cuticles. so they are really dependent on dirt wet. When dirt wet is optimal. angleworms addition in mass and in their activity if nutrient beginnings are available ( Lee. 1985 ; Edwards and Bohlen. 1996 ) . Another of import factor is the add-ons of organic affair in the signifier of farmyard manure which have been found to increase earthworm populations under favorable dirt conditions ( Lofs-Holmin. 1983a ; Hansen. 1996 ) .

Several surveies found that the mass of angleworms were the highest in manured dirt compared to unfertilised and mineral fertilized dirts ( Hansen and Engelstad. 1999 ; Marhan and Scheu. 2005 ) . The intent of this survey is hence. was to place the optimal dirt wet and degree of fertiliser that can be used to increase the organic structure mass of angleworms. Pheretima sp. during cultivation. The worms of the genus Pheretima are autochthonal to Southeast Asia ( Edwards and Lofty. 1972 ) . and widely distributed in tropical rain forests with strongly acerb dirts. There were two interventions being tested in this experiment. In the wet content interventions. four different degrees of wet degree in dirt were compared. As for the fertiliser intervention. the caprine animal manure was added at two different degrees and was compared with an unfertilised control.


The purpose of this experiment was to look into the effects of wet content and fertilisers on the organic structure mass of angleworms. Pheretima sp. under laboratory conditions. Any ascertained difference in organic structure mass may so bespeak the optimal dirt wet and fertiliser content which can better the mass raising of this species for commercial usage. Materials and Methods

Study site

The survey was carried out in the Animal House which is located at Level 8 of Constructing 3. Monash University. Sunway Campus get downing from 19th April 2010 to 10th May 2010 ( 22 yearss ) . The raising conditions for Pheretima sp during the survey consisted of containers ( paper cup ) held in uninterrupted darkness at room temperature ( 25oC ) .

Experimental design

The angleworms. Pheretima sp. were obtained from a store in Klang Valley. Each trial container ( paper cup ) was inoculated with a sample size of five worms ( n=5 ) . Before the experiment commences. the initial organic structure mass ( Mi ) of the worms in each containers was weighed utilizing an analytical balance. Then. each container was added with 500 g of clay-brown dirt which was obtained from the Green House of Monash University. Treatments used in this experiment are combinations of two factors. the degree of fertilizer application and H2O application.

The interventions were within a Complete Randomized Design ( CRD ) with 3 reproductions. All reproductions of interventions are assigned wholly at random to independent experimental topics. The relationship between three different degrees of fertiliser intervention and four different degrees of wet intervention as they relate to the alterations in the organic structure mass of angleworms was examined with a split-plot factorial ANOVA. where fertiliser was a between group factor. and wet content was a within group factor. This resulted in 12 ( 4 intervention degree x 3 replicates ) wet containers in each ( three ) groups of different degree of fertiliser. which made a sum of 36 experimental units.