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Discussion Questions

What role do you think discipline plays in developing a child’s self-esteem? What forms of discipline best serve the self-esteem of the child or adolescent? I think discipline plays a vast role in developing a child’s self-esteem , it determines the way children collaborate with the public and theirs cause and effects to what may happen to the child depending on the way they were disciplined as a minor, such as knowing the difference from punishing and abusing a child.

Punishing a child too harshly can scar them for life and have them grow up with low self-esteem and not giving those enough punishments that they deserve might turn the child into a monster. The forms of discipline that best serves the self-esteem of a child might include boundary-based discipline, and emotion coaching. 2. List and discuss how activities, clubs, or sports, impact the self-esteem of children and parents. Provide at least two activities, clubs, or sports in your answer.

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Children that participate in sports, clubs, etc. are more likely to have a high self-esteem because self-esteem partially comes from accomplishments and success and when children succeed in the sports and clubs that they are devoted in will give them that satisfactory that they have been striving and working hard for. Such as basketball players working hard on different techniques on how to win a game, that takes time, effort, and determination.

But after that big win, the trophies, the crowds going wild over what you’ve succeeded, it puts the child/athlete on top, making them thrilled over what they’ve just accomplished leading to high self-esteem. Being involved in a debate club also gives you that boost of excitement knowing that whatever your thinking is being heard and your knowledge is being shared with those who are present, after winning versus someone else gives you that high self-esteem, because you’ve just accomplished a great self-achievement.

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