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Labrea Carhee English 9 Honor Mrs. Strickland The Adoration of Jenna Fox The adoration of Jenna Fox is a nonfictional story about this girl name Jenna Fox. The main character inside this story is Jenna Fox a girl who gets inside a car accident and loses her friend, other characters is her dad, her mother, the other girl, and teacher/principals. The setting of this story takes place in the near future of America, some of the other places is Boston and California.

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The main conflict of the story is how she was trying to figure out who she was and what happen to her. While I was reading I found a lot of literary devices in it such as, (similes, metaphors, personifications, and etc. ). The first literary device I found was a simile which was,” One day my tongue lay like a lump of meat in my mouth”, it is a simile because it compares her tongue using like to a lump of meat.

The second literary device I found was a simile which was,” Her face is as plain as everyone else’s”, this is a simile because the girls face is being compared to everyone else face’s. The third literary device I found was also a simile which was,” The word comes again, like a hedge in front of me, but pushing from behind, too,” this is a simile because the word is being compared to a hedge in front of her and how it keeps coming. Similes were the only literary devices I could find inside the book of, the adoration of Jenna Fox.

My opinion of the adoration of Jenna Fox is it was an okay book. But I did like how it explained how she was trying so hard to get her memories back even the memories she had as a little kid. I also liked how her family never gave up on how when she got in to the car accident, and how they do anything to get her memories back. I’d also had some dislikes on this book which was how it had a character that was mean. Last I dislike how it did not explain how the car accident happen or what caused it. Overall it was an okay book to read.

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