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Retail Marketing And Management Information Technology Essay

EPOS Systems are the Electronic Point of Gross saless Systems. They are self contained computerized systems that perform all the undertakings of a shop check-out procedure counter. These systems allow payments, they verify minutess, provide gross revenues studies, and organize the stock list informations. The EPOS systems support informations entry through keyboards, touch screen proctors and barcode scanners.

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The full system comprises of:

A pole show: which is the show point of gross revenues information to the clients

A receipt pressman: which generate professional looking grosss to the clients

A magstripe keyboard: which inputs the informations and processes the recognition cards with an integrated magnetic band reader

POS shoe: which encases the hard currency drawer and provides organisation for POS peripherals including the keyboard

POS package: which manages the in-store operations and the point of sale minutess

Barcode scanner: which scans the already bar-coded monetary value tickets

Cash drawer: which shops and organizes hard currency, coins and recognition faux pass firmly

The EPOS system is by and large located at the check-out procedure or the boulder clay location where a dealing takes topographic point in a retail shop.

Use of EPOS: in-store and back terminal office

Accurate pricing- with the installing of EPOS hard currency registry, every point in the shop will automatically demo its monetary value which has been stored in the system. This will cut down the mistakes of computations and alterations in the retail monetary value at the clip of any grade ups or grade downs.

Reduces human error- since it is an machine-controlled system, it reduces computation or reading mistakes which can be made by the gross revenues staff.

Track sales- all the information sing a sale gets stored in its memory. One can look into the sum of stock list in the shop and calculate gross revenues figures on a day-to-day footing.

Faster transactions- since the system is equipped with a barcode scanner, minutess take less clip at the boulder clay point in a retail shop.

Customer Relations Management ( CRM ) – since the system shops the clients ‘ information, gross revenues tendencies and clients ‘ purchasing behaviour can be understood in order to function the consumers better.

Track refunds- stored information can assist a retail merchant understand the sale and return tendencies of certain merchandises and the sorts of ailments coming in, which in bend give an chance to better and function the clients in a better manner.

Prevent theft- employees in a shop work more carefully as they know the stock list is being controlled by the back office. Besides, with the installing of CCTV with EPOS, all the employees in a shop work more expeditiously as they know that are being observed and can be caught in instance of any mishandling. It serves as a medium to pull off the stock list in a better manner in order to forestall stock shrinking in the shop.

Watch your margins- as these systems generate day-to-day gross revenues studies ; you can track the gross revenues and cipher the borders being earned from gross revenues.

Have happier customers- a batch of companies use these systems for acquiring client feedback which helps to update their merchandises and services harmonizing to the clients ‘ demands and wants ensuing in happy and satisfied clients.

Fewer registers- since all studies are generated in the computing machine system, there is fewer demand to maintain a record of stock list, gross revenues, refunds, client informations, etc in books and registries.

EPOS systems are besides used in the back terminal offices to carry through some really of import maps like stock list control, purchasing stock list, having information sing any sort of demands in shops and reassigning the information to the desired shops, maintaining a path of the shop gross revenues studies in order to judge the gross revenues tendencies, relationship between their cost and the gross revenues monetary value ( profits/losses analysis ) .

EPOS in retail and its application to specify a retail selling scheme

In today ‘s age and clip retail is one of the most prima industry that uses EPOS for its in-store operations. As mentioned before, a retail point of gross revenues system would include a computing machine, a proctor, a hard currency drawer, a reception pressman, pole show for clients and a barcode scanner. In a retail shop, this electronic system can besides include a weighing graduated table ( in instance of food market shops ) , an integrated recognition card processing system and a signature capturing device. All in one EPOS units have besides emerged as a great success as these have a touch screen proctor for easy use and the computing machine is built in to the proctor unit in order to salvage infinite in a retail shop environment.

The usage of EPOS systems started traditionally merely at the boulder clay point. These systems were used to transport on minutess in a faster and accurate manner. But surveies have shown that on norm a client delay for about 6 proceedingss, 5 proceedingss and 4 proceedingss in a waiting line in order to have the needed information in a section shop, in a forte vesture shop and in a food market shop severally. But now, since the consumers are going more and more interrelated this tendency of waiting is traveling down. They want speedy service for everything. This has resulted in things like the ego check-out procedure systems, guided merchandising procedure and the monetary value cheque plan to be incorporated in the EPOS systems. ( Ref: Lecture by Jamie Caffrey on 4/06/2010 )

Some of the new characteristics that have been incorporated into the EPOS system are the add-on of client feedback plans which can be used by retail merchants to analyze their clients and the degree of their satisfaction with the trade name. The retail merchants can acquire an in-depth apprehension of the shopping forms and behaviours of their clients. This information can be used at the clip of be aftering out a selling strategy- at the clip of positioning and shifting and stigmatization of an bing or a new merchandise.

Besides, with the rapid velocity of engineering, the EPOS systems have been developing over clip. These systems have been added with characteristics like CCTV in order to maintain a cheque on the employees in the shop, clients traveling about in the shop, stock suites, etc.

Example of an EPOS SYSTEM


POSpark 5700

Designed to make high degrees of public presentation and outstanding value, TYSSO ‘s POS-5700 offers odd manner and functionality. The POS-5700 is a to the full incorporate TFT/LCD Touch Screen Workstation that offers odd price-performance value for our planetary POS clients. It provides infinite characteristics with its minimized power ingestion design, high executing ULV processor, and VIA chipset that supports double proctor end product.

TYSSO ‘s POS-5700 differentiates itself through its superb internal lodging design, which immensely improves noise decrease, heat dissipation and besides makes the POS hardware care a batch easier. The specially designed aluminum die-casting base and the firmly mounted proctor besides provide stableness and dependability during the touch screen operations.

POS-5700 offers assorted hardware customizations upon OEM petitions, including VESA Wall-Mount theoretical accounts, picks of rear saddle horse between client pole show and 2nd LCD show.

This Point of Sale system is compatible with both Linux and Windows Operating Systems, and is able to incorporate with a broad choice of retail devices, such as barcode scanner, reception pressman, hard currency drawer, swipe card reader, and check readers.

Features of the system:

High public presentation ULV processor speed up to 1.00GHz

Compact and solid industrial design

Low noise system with dependable thermolysis

Wide scope leaning angle 15 ~ 80 grades

Right-sided PS2/USB for friendly installing

Optional MSR/Customer Display/2nd VGA Display

Rear panel ventilators with H2O spill cogent evidence

Front panel with H2O spill cogent evidence

Internal power arranger hidden on base

Cost effectual

An i-pos system designed to suit in a jewellery retail environment. The undermentioned proposal is based on typical package faculties, which will suit the Touch screen POS system with bit & A ; pin, gross revenues analysis and stock control with the printing of little saloon codification labels which are normally used within jewellery retail environments. Fashion Software faculties are listed below together with hardware options.

Entry Level 1 x Central Office Core bundle ( individual user ) ?700.00

Stock Inventory & A ; Barcode Creation

Staff & A ; Security entree faculty

Full Reports suite & A ; SQL usage coverage

Stock Take Process Module

1 ten POS Core bundles ?250.00

Per point on screen Stock analysis.

On screen Size by Colour stock listing

User degree entree control

End of Day processs ( X/Z readings )

Multi degree discounting

Price displacement, Return & A ; No Sale maps

Back Office Options

1 ten Forward / Re-order / Delivery faculty ?200.00

1 ten Auto Promotions, Price control & A ; Price banding ?200.00 1 ten Paper Money ( Credit Notes & A ; Gift Vouchers ) ?200.00

Polonium Options

1 x POS Credit Notes & A ; Gift Vouchers issue & A ; deliver ?50.00

1 ten POS Promotions faculties ?50.00

Hardware – The cardinal office solution may be used on an bing desktop/laptop computing machine.

For the POS terminus we recommend the Tysso touch screen pos terminus and I have quoted reseller trade pricing as follows:

POS Terminal: 1 ten Tysso 5715 touch screen terminus with WEPOS ?720.00

1 ten Thermal Receipt Printer ?129.00

1 ten Cash drawer and removable insert ? 49.00

1 x Zebex 3051 optical maser barcode reader with base ? 79.00

Citizen Bar codification pressman ?320.00

Integrated Chip & A ; pin nexus ( +monthly lease of ?16.50 ) ? 75.00

Service Options – These include the necessary Training, Installation and Aftercare support of the solution:

1 ten Training/Installation Day @ ?350 ?350.00

1 ten Software Support Subscription ( Monthly Fee ) ? 20.00

1 ten Annual POS terminal hardware on-site hardware support ?180.00

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