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Good Points Save Time And Save Cost Information Technology Essay

Well, why I am say save clip by utilizing this web site is one of the good points for MyEG services website. It is because the clients will no longer necessitate to go all the manner to the authorities ‘s service centre or concern edifice to pay or acquire the concern with them.

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Normally the authorities service centre or concern centre are far apart from each other, so if the client or a citizen may necessitate to go multiple topographic points in order to finish his or her undertaking. By making that, they will hold to blow up many clip to make so.

Besides that, if a individual travels so many topographic points in one twenty-four hours, as you would anticipate the cost of the gasoline for his or her conveyance fees will besides traveling high.

For an illustration, a client or a citizen privation to regenerate their route revenue enhancement for his or her auto at JPJ section service centre and besides paying the PDRM biddings at Police Traffic Counter at the same twenty-four hours. He or she will necessitate to go to either JPJ section service centre or constabulary traffic counter foremost, after done the concern at that place so he or she will necessitate travel the another topographic point for his or her undone undertaking. The distance between the JPJ section service centre and constabulary traffic counter may be far apart, so it may necessitate some clip to go between two topographic points and will be a batch.

So, by utilizing this MyEG web site, clients or citizens will no longer necessitate personally travel to out for their concern with authorities.


Another good point can be found in this web site is efficiency. Well, why efficiency? Efficiency mean the clients or the citizens can acquire their work done faster than travel to the authorities service centre by themselves.

It is because expression for the authorities worker to work are slower than if the clients or citizens do it online at place utilizing web.

Besides that, if the clients or citizens go to the authorities service centre will necessitate to take the waiting figure for each clip and each individual. This is because normally there are many other people are making the same thing at any minute. While if the clients or the citizen in cheque in utilizing MyEG service web site, there will be no demand to wait for other individual in order to make the dealing or services.

For an illustration, a citizen wants to pay his or her PDRM biddings, the advantages for on-line biddings look intoing by utilizing the MyEG service web site is he or she can entree to the web site every bit long as there is has cyberspace services apply. By utilizing this service is besides undisturbed by others, clip salvaging which is no demand to wait for others, cost effectual which is average they no demand to pass any nonmeaningful payment and accessible at any clip.


By utilizing this MyEG service web site, it may convey convenient for many people or citizens, such as disable citizen, old coevals peoples, citizen that have transport jobs or even some of those anti-social peoples.

For those people that I have mention above, they are non able or non possible to travel to the service centre or authorities centre by themselves. So utilizing this MyEG services web site is their best pick that can avoid many problems for them.

For an illustration, when a citizen that have transport jobs such as no conveyance or his place is far from town or the JPJ service centre, but he wants to regenerate his route revenue enhancement for his auto. If he alternatively desire to travel to the JPJ service centre in individual, so the lone pick he has is likely is go by utilizing public conveyance or happen person to bring him. Either manner, both will besides blow clip and waste money. And the worst it may do life unsafe for them.

In another manner, if the citizen that have transport jobs can get the better of the jobs that he is confronting but without wasting clip and money, and the solution is entree to the MyEG service web site. This web site is included many authorities service centre that citizen frequence attend to.

Delivery Service

The bringing service are supplying in MyEG service web site is besides consider as one of the good point in this web site. Why I mean in this bringing service is the MyEG web site will present the service to the clients or citizen ‘s doorsill.

Well, the bringing service is good because with this service exist, there will no longer necessitate for the clients or citizen to travel out in individual to take the certain thing, such as route revenue enhancement reclamation.

With this service, it can greatly diminish the job that the clients or citizen will confront when there need to acquire something from authorities. Because many people are non free all the clip, such as some man of affairs are barely have free clip for them to travel to service centre by themselves. That is why, this bringing service existed.

Besides that, this bringing service is besides supplying a flexible clip for the deliver clip. The clients or citizens can take the most suited clip that he or she wish to acquire the bringing. This service is besides has route revenue enhancement price reduction to attractive clients or citizens to utilizing this MyEG services. And the client or citizen that utilizing this MyEG services may hold opportunity to bask free RM30,000 PA insurance and other benefits.

Detail in Information

The information that supplying in this MyEG website are rather detail. The more information provides or can acquire from any web site, the better the web site will be.

In this MyEG services website, it has provides many information for each service and besides supplying many FAQ in the web site. By utilizing this on-line service, the clients or citizen will necessitate the information that supplying in the web site in order to understand the service ‘s regulations and ordinances.

For an illustration, if the clients or citizen entree to the MyEG online services in order to purchase the insurance from RHB Insurance Berhad. The client or the citizens that utilizing this on-line service will wish to hold the item information respect to the service which is the insurance that he or she traveling to purchase. In this instance, the RHB Insurance Berhad has supplying their merchandise revelation sheet and besides the private auto policy.

Besides supplying information respect to the service in this MyEG web site, they are besides supplying the any contact Numberss that are connected or clients on-line service to the services and besides have supplying the address respect to the service centre for the cooperate office. This service is of import for those clients that wish to larn more item that can non acquire from the online services sing the service that he or she traveling to acquire.

In this MyEG web site is besides supplying a SMS service such as JPJ SMS service. By utilizing this service, clients or citizens can look into their drive licence termination day of the month, kejara points, category, JPJ biddings position through the SMS. This service is allows them to look into those everywhere and any 2nd by utilizing cell phone.

Bad Points


One of the bad points in this MyEG websites is missing in the security system. Even of in this web site they has provide the hypertext transportation protocol secure in the user login page, mark in page or any pages that require user to identify in their personal information to make full the signifier or registry any service.

But there will be no utilizing hypertext transfer protocol in other pages and the page may hold the unauthorised 3rd party to entree to the page and modify the information into false information or left some harmful virus that can steal information direct from user computing machine in that page.

For an illustration, when the user entree to the home page of the MyEG web site that contain the virus that can steal the user Idaho and watchword by copying the key that he or she typing on the keyboard. If the user computing machine is affect this virus and traveling to login or make full in any signifier in this MyEG web site, the virus proprietor or may state the hacker will acquire the information that he or she desire.

By utilizing this virus method, the hypertext transportation protocol system is no longer can protect the user information in order to leak or steak by an unauthorised 3rd party.


The bandwidth in this MyEG web site is besides one of the bad points that can happen in this on-line service. Bandwidth is a really of import issue for all the on-line service or concern web site, it is because, this bandwidth is use determined the bound of the user can link and entree to the web site.

If the bandwidth is high, the more users can entree to the web site for the same clip, so the user can utilize or lade the web page really fast and smooth. While the smaller the bandwidth for the web site have, so the less user can entree to the web site for the same clip, so the user my confronting the lagging on the web site and barely to lade a page, and the worst he or she will non even can entree to the web site.

For an illustration, when the user connect and seek to entree to the MyEG web site when many other user besides try to entree or accessing the web site at the minute, the he or she may can non even can acquire in the web site or even he or she can, the burden for each web page will took clip to done.

And the worst is when the user do the dealing on the web site when the waiter is confronting the restriction of user entree, so the dealing may acquire an mistake during the procedure, such as after u wage the biddings by snaping the send button but cause of the waiter lagging, the related section are non have the payment but the money is deduct from the user history.


In the MyEG service web site, they are merely two linguistic communications that are supplying for user to take, which is English and Malay. This is sing as one of the bad point for a web site.

For a web site, the more linguistic communications provide from the web site, the better it will acquire to pull the user to utilize the online service. Why I am stating this is because in Malaysia there are multiple type of people with multiple type of linguistic communication that they use for each of them. The linguistic communication that they are utilizing are non merely English and Malay, they are besides utilizing Chinese for Chinese people or Tamil for Indian people.

For an illustration, when a Chinese client or citizen want to entree to the web site and he or she find out that there are no Chinese linguistic communication is supplying in the MyEG web site, so he or she will merely give up utilizing this online services. This is happen because they are many people are do non understand or weak at the English or Malay. Such as a Chinese citizen may merely cognize Chinese but will non understand English and Malay, which an Indian citizen may merely cognize Tamil but will non understand English and Malay.

Besides that, there are many old coevals citizen may non even cognize the word but merely cognize how to talk. So they will non understand a individual word that is composing in this MyEG web site.

Because of this job, those people will hold leave no other pick which is they have excessively go straight to the Government service centre by themselves.

Payment Method

The less of pick for the payment method provide by the MyEG web site is besides one of the bad points for them. This is because the payment method that are supplying in the MyEG service web site is by recognition card and FPX merely.

The restriction of pick of payment method will greatly diminish the clients or citizens that are traveling to utilize the MyEG service. This happen because non everyone has utilizing the recognition cards and besides do non wish or non to utilizing the FPX payment method for their on-line dealing.

For an illustration, a client or citizen my prefer utilizing Paypal payment method alternatively of utilizing the recognition card or FPX payment method for their on-line dealing in MyEG service web site.

Not Up-to-Date

The clients information database should be up-to-date when the client or user attempt to entree to the MyEG web site to look into his or her personal item or position.

There have been many people are kicking that their position are non updated after few yearss of the dealing, such as biddings, regenerating route revenue enhancement and many more similar instances.

For one of the instance that has happen before, she is seeking to regenerate her route revenue enhancement by utilizing MyEG web site. For the first clip, she is non certain whether the system can acquire the dealing that she done or non, so she was resend the dealing for the 2nd clip. But after 2 yearss, since there is no 1 bringing comes to her house, so she notices the dealing was a failure. After this happen, she did tried the 3rd clip of the dealing but MyEG web site is non let her to make so, which leave her no pick but to travel to the nearest station office to regenerate her route revenue enhancement. But because of the information for her prevue twelvemonth ‘s route revenue enhancement item are non updated by the MyEG, so the station office is non allows her to regenerate it. Because of that, she has once more necessitate to travel through the problem to hold MyEG to update her item in order to acquire the renew of her route revenue enhancement at the station office.

In that instance, she is wasted a batch of clip and cost merely because of the client ‘s information item or position in MyEG service is non up-to-date.


Overcome the Bad Points


The hazard of making the dealing by utilizing the online method is ever higher that you go by physically.

In order to avoid the personal information to be stolen by a 3rd party, a Virtual Keyboard should be supplying by the MyEG service web site.

By utilizing this practical keyboard, the user will no necessitate to frighten about the 3rd party to copy the personal information that type in the keyboard, this is because the practical keyboard is can supply system that are similar to the keyboard but the difference is practical keyboard can run with multiple input devices, such as a touch screen, an existent keyboard, a computing machine mouse and etc.


For the solution sing to the restriction of the bandwidth issue, MyEG can merely upgrade the waiter with a higher bandwidth for their web sites.

For another solution is to hold a separate waiter for each service that provide in MyEG web site. For an illustration, when the user click the JPJ service in the MyEG web site, it will automatically associate the user to another page that is use difference waiter.

By utilizing this method the making the bound of the user entree will greatly diminish.

Besides that, utilizing fiberoptic overseas telegram for the cyberspace entree will besides can assist better the velocity of the cyberspace accessing, and can avoid major page dawdling or slow connexion velocity.


To work out the limited linguistic communication taking for the web site, there will be two solutions for this issue.

The first 1 is to increase the linguistic communication supplying for MyEG service website, such as Chinese and Tamil. By utilizing this method it can greatly increase to usage from Chinese and Indian.

The 2nd solution is to supply a voice account for each sentence or paragraph. Such as when the user or client chinks on the listen button, the system will read the word for the user. By utilizing this method, it can assist those people that are merely cognize how to speak but do non compose.

Payment Method

There is merely one solution as I know to work out the less payment method provided in MyEG Service web site. The solution is no other so adds more payment method in MyEG web site.

There is many more payment method that can be added into the MyEG service website, such as Paypal, Electronic Check, Mobile Payment.

Most of the adolescent are make non have a recognition card alternatively they are most likely utilizing paypal or nomadic payment method.

Not Up-to-Date

For the information are non up-to-date, there may be two issue that may do this happen, the first 1 is cause by people while the 2nd is cause by system.

For the first issue which is cause by the people that work in MyEG service is non making their occupation earnestly. Because of that, many clients or citizen have to confront up many jobs and inconvenient. To work out this jobs, MyEG service centre should engage the right individual to work as their employee, if any employee are non making their occupation earnestly should be fired.

As for the 2nd issue which is cause by the system, the job is the system may non longer be able to work decently, such as already have a hardware failure or the hardware or even package is already outdated. To work out this job, MyEG service centre should upgrade or better the system that they are utilizing at the minute.

There is one thing that can be done in order to do certain the client or citizen ‘s information position are updated, a good decision maker should be take their occupation more serious. By making this, they can calculate out which individual position is updated and which is non.

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